Warranty Policy

To ensure our customers' rights, Kaya Spread implements the following product warranty policy:


1. Upon receiving the product, customers are kindly requested to inspect the package's condition and the quantity to ensure it matches the order/invoice. Should customers discover any damages or signs of tampering with the package, they can immediately contact Kaya through our hotline+65 96911811 for instant support.


2. After confirming the successful delivery of an order, Kaya will apply the product warranty policy: Kaya only accepts returns within 24 hours from the product's receipt. The return shipping time frame: within 07 business days from the day of receiving the return request and verifying the product's condition. Return address: Customers can directly bring the product to our office/store or ship via a courier service.


3. Cases eligible for warranty:


- Broken products or those past their expiration date. 

- Products with mold or an unusual odor inside.


4. Cases not covered by warranty: 


- Damaged or inferior quality products due to the customer's improper storage. 

- Products with broken seals or not in their original condition. 

- Customer dislike, unless otherwise specified.


5. Product warranty procedure: 

Step 1: Contact Kaya Spread immediately upon discovering any product damages as soon as possible. 


Step 2: Take photos of the product's condition and send the information to Kaya via our fanpage or hotline:  +65 96911811


Step 3: Kaya will process the information and promptly respond to customers with a timely resolution.



  • Customers should provide a video of the product at the time of unboxing and receiving, allowing Kaya Spread to inspect, verify, and consider the return.
  • Present the receipt or order for verification.
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