Obligations of the Seller and the Duties of Each Customer in Every Transaction

1. Our Obligations (as the Seller)


  • - Register our website with the Ministry of Industry and Trade as an e-commerce service provider.
  • - Establish and display on our website: Company information; Website usage guide; General transaction terms; Privacy policy; Payment methods; Complaint resolution policy; Shipping and delivery policy; and more.
  • - Require users to provide a minimum set of related information when registering an account.
  • - Store registered user information, and regularly update any changes or additional related details.
  • - Prevent and remove from the website any products or services prohibited by law.
  • - Remove from the website any information that violates the website's regulations or other laws, upon discovery or upon receiving verified complaints.
  • - Provide information and assist regulatory authorities in investigating any business activities that violate laws using our website.
  • - Share our business activity details upon request from competent state agencies for e-commerce statistical purposes, inspections, checks, and handling violations.


2. Obligations of Customers (Buyers)


  • - Provide, at minimum, the accurate and complete information: Name, Phone number.
  • - Read and understand the website's operation regulations, terms, and conditions before registering an account or using the service, and whenever notified of changes or adjustments.
  • - Be responsible for the security, storage, and every action under their registered name and password.
  • - Promptly notify us about unauthorized or abusive uses of their account, to collaborate on addressing the issue.
  • - Ensure that information provided to us is accurate and regularly updated.
  • - Take responsibility for the content, images, personal data, other information, and the whole transaction process on the Website.
  • - Provide transaction information upon request from competent state agencies.
  • - Comply with legal regulations concerning payments, advertisements, promotions, intellectual property protection, consumer rights protection, and other relevant laws when operating on the Website.
  • - Commit not to use our services for illegal, unreasonable, fraudulent, threatening, illegal information probing, disruptive purposes, or spreading malicious viruses.
  • -  Be legally responsible for any violation.
  • - Commit not to modify, edit, copy, disseminate, distribute, supply, or create similar tools from our services to third parties without our consent.
  • - Avoid actions that harm the website's reputation in any form, such as creating divisiveness among members using secondary registered names, through third parties, or spreading harmful information about us.

Provide personal information upon request from competent state agencies for e-commerce statistical purposes.

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