Return and Exchange Policy

1. Conditions for Return and Exchange

Customers are required to inspect the condition of the goods and can exchange/return the products immediately at the time of delivery/receipt in the following cases:

    • The product does not match the type, design, or as depicted on the website at the time of order.
    • The quantity delivered is not complete or as per the order.
    • The external condition of the product is damaged such as torn packaging, peeling, breaking…

    Customers are responsible for presenting related documents to prove these discrepancies in order to complete the product return/exchange process.

    2. Notification and Product Return Time Regulations

      • Notification time for return/exchange: within 48 hours from the time of receiving the product in case the product is missing accessories, gifts, or is broken.
      • Time to send back the product for return: within 14 days from the date of receiving the product.
      • Place for product return: Customers can either bring the product directly to our office/store or send it through the postal service.

      In the event that customers have feedback/complaints related to product quality, please contact our customer service line.

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