History of Kaya Spread International (Former Sing Kee Kaya)

Since the 1900s, the founder of Sing Kee Kaya , Mr Chen Gui Da, arrived in Nanyang which is now rename to Singapore from China province name Hainan to earn a living together with his fellow mates during his early years of age. After many years of hardship and hard work in Nanyang (Singapore), he finally set up his own coffee shop, named Chen Da Ji at Pulau Brani which is located at the border of Singapore in around 1920.

Chen Da Ji Coffee shop witnessed the advancement of Singapore, it stood in the British colony government and braved through the invasion of Japan As many damages were done due to the 2nd world war which destroyed all the buildings and land by all the bombs, 50 over years of business of the coffee shop had to cease operating and await for the rebuilding in1975.

In the 1940s, Chen Da Ji Hainan style coffee shop sold homemade coffee, tea and other beverages, it also have it’s famous homemade traditional Hainan kaya. During those days, life was simple, all the customers enjoy drinking traditional coffee and having the homemade kaya bread with half boiled eggs which already considered a luxurious lifestyle with the simple combination.

Until the 1980s, Chen Da Ji Hainan style coffee shop in Singapore with its rapid growing and good reputation, we successfully got license from the Ministry of Environment to be a licensed food manufacturer. In 1985, Sing Kee Kaya was established. During the beginning of Sing Kee Kaya, the factory was only producing one kind of flavor which is the traditional Hainan kaya. To keep up with the demands of the market and expansions of the company, Sing Kee Kaya started to manufacture the Nonya kaya, peanut butter and others different kind of jams. Throughout 20 over years, Sing Kee Kaya places high importance in maintaining high quality standards by their product line. Sing Kee Kaya have been very strict on its Sing Kee Kaya House’s premium kaya which uses 100% quality natural ingredients and precise slow fire brewing to preserve kaya’s original taste and special flavor not compromising with preservatives nor artificial flavoring.

Sing Kee Kaya’s product quality is guaranteed and proven through international standards certifications by various bodies. Being the first kaya manufacturer to be granted the UK Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification in 2003, further supports product quality guarantee with strict inspections and compliances from new ingredients selection, site maintenance to product manufacture. In the same year, the brand name “KAYA HOUSE” has also been brand the best kaya in singapore by the tourism board and the to proudly represent as Singapore as one of the premium food and premium gift. Sing Kee Kaya products are also display n sell at the Singapore Changi international airport, and this is also a way for Sing Kee Kaya to universal to the international market.